Help me recover from LtnRPC region free mess up

I downloaded LtnRPC and wanted to test if it works since it seemed
a very simple tool to reset the user and vendor codes.

However, when i disabled it following the instructions given in

i am getting READ errors on both my
LiteOn Combo SOHC-4832 with firmware 0QK5 and
Sony DW-DW18A with firmware VYS2

I reverted back to region 1 (and now both have only 1 change allowed !;-()

when i use DVD decryptor on my Region1 DVD.
Both still report I/O Errors !
Scsi Status:0x02
Intepretation: check condition.

Intepretation: Read (10) Sector 3819832

Sense Area: ****
Intepretation: Unrecovered Read error.

Same problem if i try to read using DVD shrink as well.

Both drives use to be perfect until i “disabled” RPC using LtnRPC.exe

Have i damaged both drives now ? ;-(
or do i still have a chance to recover…

teaches me a lesson to not try to play with stuff that i don’t know
about… ;-(

I thought this will be a first step before i think of upgrading
my DW-D18A firmware to VY06

thanks for any help u can given me.

Are these discs that you were able to read before using LtnRPC? If they are new, try reading a disc you were able to read before going region free.

LtnRPC is not the cause of your problem(s)…

Used to have same problem…Just flash drives with same firmware or upgrade wih new ones but don’t revert back at region 1, flash with rpc1 patched.This should solve read error problem.Peoneer 106 and a04 had same issue but resolved…I don’t know for Liteon & Sony…
Hope this will help you…

Your answer might be here: “Firmware revival for Mediatek drives”

Most of Lite-On drives use Mediatek chip.

No, there’s no firmware problem here that mtkflash would be required for. You might try converting the drive to a Liteon so that you can use a newer firmware.

I did notice that it was able to read a couple of original movies… but it(winXP) asked me revert back to region1 before it can read it. so i did revert back to region1 (which is not a problem for me.) and then DVD decryptor and DVD shrink is able to read those.
But now, if i go to my device manager, it reports that both drives have only
one change remaining. looks like when i use ltnRPC to reset user count or vendor
count, it only decremented the changes remaining instead of increasing them. :wink:
“feature” of WinXP ? I am ok with leaving it Region-1 for now… where it is …
as i don’t want to risk losing the drives :wink:

but i am unable to read some of my movies that it used to. it seems flaky.
since my original drives were as follows:
LiteOn Combo SOHC-4832 with firmware 0QK5 and
Sony DW-DW18A with firmware VYS2
I don’t find the drive 4832 in the firmware page.
but i found that DW-d18a has 2 choices…
firmware VS06 - but when i downloaded it from
it says no sony 700a found. ;-(
so does that mean i should upgrade to Liteon SOHC-832’s VS0B ?
BTW, are there any “release notes” along with these firmware releases
so i know what problems they are solving… so i can decide which one , if any,
i need ?

thanks for all your prompt responses.

Very pleased to read your mail although commiserate with problem. I have downloaded ltnrpc.exe and was going through post trying to find documentation to read before activating it on my LG GSA 4160B . Seems it might not be a good idea now. Anybody else done so and with what results. Also, anyone know of authoritative documentation which I should read. Thanks, Astroda1

ltnrpc is for liteon drives only. have you really tried it with a LG? not a good idea…