Help me Re-Assembling DVD creative see photos


I would like someone to assist me in to assembling this DVD CREATIVE , I was cleanning the laser but cannot place the parts back together. Any help will be much apreciated. I need the assembling order, what parts (from pic 1,2,3,4,5,6) goes first and where should the small balls go?
See pics please!!



Thanks a lot

next time go buy a laser lens cleaner, they are little cds with brushes on them that clean the laser. Sorry but I don’t know how to fix your dvd player.

NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER EVER use lens cleaning CDs w/ brushes, they’ll just scratch the hell outta your lens. Take the cover off your optical drive, and use compressed air in short spurts. Nothing should ever touch the lens except air.

BTW, you’re screwed. If you can’t put it back together, buy another one.

That’s indeed the best way to get rid of dust, but it doesn’t work for a lens that is smudged with fat (for those who have their computer in the kitchen). If that’s the case, I advice to get a clean (natural) chamois leather and some distilled water and clean the lens gently (very very gently). There is no garantuee that your drive will live through this operation, but I think it’s the best shot for this particular case. It’s always better than brushes, as they scratch the lens.

I had a good experience with a used PSOne my friend gave me. He had spilled maple syrup all on the inside and on the laser and pcb etc. It wouldn’t read a single disc, so I took it apart and cleaned it using rubbing alcohol (99% Purity) and a lint free lense cleaning cloth (much like how I clean the thermal paste off my processor:) ).

It worked fine, read all my discs, but I eventually got rid of it. But I guess that isn’t the reccomended thing to do. hehehe.