Help me rate these drives

The title should give you an idea of what I want, but could also mislead you :wink:

This is not a thread about “suggest me the best drive to have…” Instead, it is about picking the best drive of the ones I have and dedicate them for specific tasks. I already have some impressions about the drives, and obviously the more opinions I get the better as I’ll have more data to make decisions.

The contenders:

Pioneer DVR-K15 (laptop, 1.11), Benq 1655 (BCIB), Samsung SH-S182D (SB04), Lite-On 160P6S (unkown, just got it) and LG GSA-H10N (unkown, just got it).
BTC 1008IM (0060) and Lite-on LTR-52246S (6S0F) as reference.

The tasks

I want to know what drive would fare better as:

  • DVD-R/RW writer
  • DVD+R/RW writer
  • CD-R/RW writer
  • DVD-R DL writer and reader
  • DVD+R DL writer and reader
  • DVD reader, copy protections
  • DVD reader, scratched media
  • CD reader, copy protections
  • CD reader, scratched media
  • DA extraction
  • Acoustics (noise)

What I have seen

I’ve had the 1655 for several months, the SH-S182D for a few weeks and the DVR-K15 for over a year. I just got the LG and the Liteon. I’ve had the BTC and the Liteon CDRW for years.

I got the 1655 as it was rated as best overall by many people here. My personal impression is that while a very good drive, it is overhyped. More of that in a minute. I got the Samsung as I decided to get a second drive. Arguably as good as the benq, if not better. As reference, my old BTC, considered by many as one of the worst drives ever made worked well and rarely made coasters. Granted, I only fed the baby excellent media (Hitachi Maxell RG02, TYG01, Yuden001. The worst media was CMC mag once in a while) Many of those discs burned 2 years ago, scanned for errors with the 1655 recently still give me 96-97 quality ratings for the RG02, 92-94 for the TYG01 and yuden001. My biggest problem was standalone compatibility, and that is why I got the Benq to replace the BTC. The Pioneer, being a laptop drive is slower by nature, so only used while on the road.

Used the Benq for a while, then I got the Samsung to have more variety. My impressions so far:

DVD-R/RW writer: 1655, the SH-S182D does OK but we even have a dedicated thread to the lead-in problems. However, the DVR-K15 beats them both (HM RG02, TYG01, MCC3GR04, CMC AE1) The BTC is not that far in writing quality, but its standalone compatibility is very bad.

DVD+R/RW writer: SH-S182 (CMC E01, MCC004, Yuden001) Both make great burns in these media, but the samsung is faster ans quieter.

CD-R/RW writer: SH-S182, but the BTC beats them both.


DVD+R DL: What a pain with this format. The 1655 hates cheap media (Ricohjpn D02.001? or whatever the windata discs are) The SH-S182D is barely better with cheap media. Quite dissapointing that the DVR-K15 beats them both by a wide margin. Verbatim shouldn’t count, because even the BTC would make excellent burns on MKM media if it had DL capabilites… :smiley: (and the DVR-K15 would still be the winner)

DVD reader: SH-S182D for scratched, 1655 barely for copy protection. The 1008IM almost as good.

CD reader and DA extraction: I haven’t tried, I always use the LTR-52246S :smiley:

Acoustics: SH-S182D, this drive is rated as quiet by many people. Indeed, it is quieter than the 1655, but again, it is dissapointing that the 1008IM is way better in acoustics… BTc was king in acoustics, a shame the DVd writing was mediocre :frowning:

Now, after my comments, let’s go back to the original question. With the 2 newer drives aded to the mix, how do they stack up, what is better for what tasks. I know the LG will be fastest, and I am expecting the liteon to be the best reader.

Comments and opinions welcome


No comments, no opinions? :expressionless:

They are your drives and you have your media. I’d say you are the best one to make those determinations.

Agreed, your testing and information provided seems to suggest that you have a great feel for the strengths and weaknesses of all of them. Worst case, you could sacrifice a couple few disks for the better cause using CDSpeed create disk option and run some burn, scan and transfer tests to get a more complete picture of what you actually have?