Help me put a desktop computer together! please!

Hello all,

  My name is Teejay, and I have a detrimental decision to make in the next couple of days pertaining to a computer. I am beginning to build a website, and i know how to build them.. but thats not the question. But my laptop just isn't enough.. So, i need to purchase a desktop. but i want to use this desktop for much more than just website development. 

 I need to be able to run games, large games like world of warcraft and a steam client and who knows what else. along with that i want to be able to run a graphics program and many adobe programs and have 2 or 3 of those running at a time without lag or page errors. 

 So, i am looking into a cheaper way by going "bare-bones" on a desktop. alas, i put the stuff from their drop down menus and do not know what they hell everything is.. i have no idea if a dual core processor is better than a quad dual processor. i dont know what GHz i need i dont know nothin! lol

 So, here i am asking all of you to help me out. I have a budget. not sure what it is yet but im looking at maybe $600. if i could get a list of the things that would be best for what im looking for or maybe one step better than what i need, that would be great! please help ASAP though!

Thank you so much =]




Teejay, what country are you in?

For you, I think a quad core would be better. Are you going to be reusing any old components; Monitor? OS?

No im not going to be re using anything old… i have nothing old to use! haha. just a mouse and keyboard. but yeah.

I need everything for the computer though… the motherboard cd burner… fans… hard drive… everything you can think of.

I guess i could add on stuff later and just the the big eccential stuff right now. meaning the more expensive. and what not.

I’ve been to sites where you put a computer together… but i have no idea what good for what i want. and i started to look for just the parts from anywhere that are the cheapest parts of the best tthing that i need. if that makes any sense? lol

basically i want to get the best deal i can with what im getting.

And would a Shuttle be something i might want to look into? or an amd intel or intel i7… i have no idea all i know is that the i7 is reaaallly expensive

Shuttle barebones are expensive and you don’t want it for playing games.

Hello Dear

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Teejay, did you get your new PC? If not, we still need to know what country your in to pick items from a store that will ship to you. Also a budget is important.