Help me plz

Dear All,

I have installed great product"Autolock wizard". But it did not create an “autorun” file on my burned master disc. And my flash(exe) file which are on the burned disc did not open and also send a error report.

Sir, What should i do to rectify this problem. please help me. please.

Did you try to contact them about it?

yes sir,
i have tried to contact them. I have sent some mail but still they did not reply me yet.

I also registered myself on the site “”. After that they sent a mail to me that "After activating your account you will be able to download our AutoLock Wizard software.
Using CD-RX media with our AutoLock Wizard software will allow you to protect your software and other digital content ". I have done my registration on this site yesterday but still i did not get any reply from Haxalock.

plz suggest me what should i do?

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Ashutosh1113: You have registered and recieved an email of the process. I don’t see any evidence that your account is activated compeltely.
I advise to email them and explain your problem. Please inclused as much detail as possible in that email.

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Hello Belvedere Sir,

As you did suggest to me, i have sent so many mail to “Hexalock Team” with full detail. But still no responce from there side. I am very much disappointed because by this product i am going to start my own business.

My product is ready to release but without tight security how can i release it. Sir i have given much time and hard work to developed my product. I spent a lot of money but …

If i release this product without security then anybody can make so many duplicate copy of my data which are on CD.

@ashutosh1113 ; Does this company “” have an actual telephone number in their Contact or support information on their site ?
If so try using that. Even if you have to pay for some long distance charges it might be money well spent.
Also can you copyright or otherwise protect your product in that way before you release it ?

Dear sir,
I have received the user name and password from “Hexalock Team” today.
They sent me an another mail which is as follows:

Dear Ashutosh Sir

Your user name and password are sent to you

After protecting Flag gold master the exe will not be active till it be replicate in a factory

I am at your disposal


After i received the above shown mail, i sent a mail to them that what should i do to go further. And now i am waiting for their response.
Dear Sir, whatever will happened in future, i will inform to you.

                                             Thank you sir

[QUOTE=ashutosh1113;2599586]After protecting Flag gold master the exe will not be active till it be replicate in a factory[/QUOTE]

You ARE aware that you have to replicate your disc in a cd/dvd producing factory?

Dear sir,

In which factory i have to go further.

Can you suggest me

[QUOTE=ashutosh1113;2599680]In which factory i have to go further[/QUOTE] Any cd or dvd pressing factory you require. A factory like this one.