Help me plz!

When i installed the trial version, then i bought the key and used it for the full version. I had it for a while and it worked fine. But when i updated to version it said it was a trial version. ANy suggestions?

reinstall your key.

also, you want which is the current latest version

ya i did reinstall the key and i have updated the program to but no luck :frowning:

I also tried uninstalling it, I searched my hard drive for anydvd deleted all that was found except for my key. Still the same Problem :frowning:

where did you buy your key from?

slysoft tells you like 8 different times to make a hard backup copy of your key in case of a situation such as this.

it’s a pain in the ass for them to issue you a new key. if you can provide proof of purchase (confirmation emails, credit card on file, name, date of purchase, etc, etc) they might be able to help you out.

this is a question best directed at slysoft though since they are the only ones that can help in a situation like this.

normalyl when you update, the key stays active which is why I’m curious where you bought your key from. glitches can happen and that’s why slysoft tells you to back up your key, and between the confirmation page after purchse and the emails they send, they must tell you to 3 different times.

if you lost it you have no one to blame but yourself!

contact slysoft’s support team and they might be able to help you out.

No i have a put my key on a cd. But it still doesn’t work. hmmm maybe my registry is corrupt.

uninstall anydvd completely. when it asks if you’d like to save registry information say NO. get rid of EVERYTHING.

re-download the latest version of anydvd from, reboot, run your key, and see if that works.

Reasonnotrules is dead right - just went through that a couple of hours ago and everything worked just fine.

No it didnt work. Do you think if i do a system restore it may solve this problem?

i doubt a system restore would work.

you might have to email slysoft…is there any reason your key might be blacklisted? let anyone “borrow” it or anything?

i’m out of ideas, but i suppose a system restore can’t hurt.

as long as your key was purchased legitimately directly from slysoft they should be able to help you out.

sometimes there are security features that block registry modification (which is what loading the anydvd key is…) do you have anything that would prevent that?

and i take it you don’t get any error messages, correct? it just acts like everything has worked and it doesn’t work?

I have registry fix and a virus scan but i dont know if its doing anything like that.

And to your question all it does when i open it says trial version expired and give me a option to order even though i already have purchased it lol

your best bet is to email slysoft then. that’s about all i can think of unless anyone else jumps in with a suggestion.


A system restore will give you the blue screen of death, i have been there :doh: don’t do a system restore. try your best to fix in safe mode. boot in safe mode and try to delete the file. that’s the safest way in opinion.

delete what file?

and I’m pretty sure a system restore isn’t meant to result in BSOD…there must have been something wrong with your system…

No I did a system restore, No BSOD but it didnt do anything to fix the problem.

I fixed the problem thank you for your help.

Why don’t you tell everyone how you fixed your problem?

yeah, it’s always a good idea to post how you fixed your issue not only to satiate the curiosity of those who tried to help (ie me!) but also to document it in case someone stumbles upon this thread in a search so that they might benefit from it as well…