HELP ME PLZ! i have trouble reading DVD-R

I don’t know when this happen but it’s been almost a month
since my dvd-burner does not read dvd-r
i was trying to back up dvd movie and it would not recognized
dvd-r and so i couldn’t burn movie.

i have laptop with mashita dvd-ram. it worked perfectly before
but now it can only read DVD, burn cd but can’t burn DVD

i have anydvd, dvd-decrpyter, dvd-shrink, and nero.
i don’t think theres problem with dvd-r because i used this disc
before and it worked.

could anyone help me with this issues plz~ thank you

Just a guess here, but could it be the media you’re using?

Download DVDIdentifier (or the latest version of CD-DVD Speed), and post the MID of these discs.


Yup, it’s about the media. Use TY or Verbatim!

so you think there is something wrong with dvd-r disc that i am using?
because it worked well before…the dvd-ram can read the dvd i burned previously
it just cant able to burn dvd…

First we need the manufacturer info of the blank discs that aren’t burning. Follow my instructions above.

And for future disc purchases, follow chef’s advice. :wink:

i used dvd-identifier and when i enter identify
i get error message -

[17:14:43] ERROR : Unable To Initialize Disc In Time : Not ready - Incompatible medium installed [02/30/00]

Download nero cd-dvd speed. Then look under disc info for the MID that we need.

i inserted couple of dvd-r to look for MID but
it says no disc has been inserted even though i insert dvd-r

Did you clean the drive/lens?

If that won’t work, it could be an hardware problem.