Help me pleaseeeeeeeeee!

I have previously purchased dvdfab gold v2.9.8.30 and have been trying via the support section on the home site to upgrade and recieve a new key with no success. I have e-mailed several times over the last 10 days with no reply from them whatsoever. Can ANYONE help as It requires the newer version of dvdfab gold to copy some of the newer dvd’s? Or has anyone am e-mail address that I can send a message to that will actually reply to me? PLEEEEEEASSSSEEEEEE DvdFab, HELP ME! You did promise all upgrades were free for life! And as a customer who actually BOUGHT your product ( and a hacked copy would be easily available ) I would think your customer care would be better. I have auto update on but nothing happens and it is not firewalled etc.
Thanks to ANYONE who can help,

Danbob and include the e-mail address you used when you bought the program and where you bought the program and any key numbers you might have from dvdfab gold.

Fab Support site has links to retrieve lost keys and update email addresses:

Just in case you had a bad link, here is the one that I used a short time ago.

download here:

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

You will have to request a new key using email address that you used when you first ordered. This is an auto sender to get the new key from link in prior post.


Hi Danbob. Are you in the UK?