Help me please!

whenever i try to to burn an mp3 cd using nero some of the tracks dont come up on the cd and wont play, or sometimes my player will find the track but skip through the counter without actually playing it. what can i do to fix this? ive tried using sony sonic stage, musicmatch and that easy cd creator with no resolution. is this maybe a problem with my mp3 rights or do you think that maybe they are corrupt? someone please help me :a

None of those programs will check MP3 files for errors.
You will have to scan those MP3 files before burning, or use a burning program that does that job.
EncSpot will show that information. You have to check the “Sync errors” column.
Feurio! will check the MP3 files when you throw them to the compilation.

Feurio! will tell you the position of the errors, so that you can decide if you don’t mind that glitch, and it will try its best to decode that file and still be “useful”. Nero usually aborts when it find an error.

EncSpot Pro will also show the position of the errors, but I think that the basic version can’t show the positions.

It could be a bit rate issue, my wifes cd mp3 player will only play tracks upto 128KBPS.