Help me please

What i have to do to put my liteon 411@811 to firmware hs0p, i used the hs0k-crack, help me please :slight_smile: ,thanks

i want put the firmware hs0p, help

get mk IV from the relevant source (u know the place), then u can use the official exe strate off the lite on site. If u can’t get mk4, u’ll need to use an app (I think its called FHL811 or sumthin like that, not sure of the name( a lil help guys)) to do some form of crack to it. I don’t know if its been tested on HS0P so I recommend goin mk4 and using official exe.

thanks, all i have to do is use flahfix1002 on hsop.exe?

please help me…

im sad you dont help me, BECAUSE IM A GIRLLLL !!!:a :confused:

Originally posted by nicegirl
im sad you dont help me, BECAUSE IM A GIRLLLL !!!:a :confused:

Maybe you should be more patient and/or read a little bit more…don’t expect others to do all your work for you…

Girly if you have the V4 mod you can simpel youse the normal liteon flasher…
and if you dont have the v4 mod get it,

  1. its really easy to use
  2. you can use the original liteon firmwares
  3. it burns really good
  4. and much much more…!!

Gender aside, if you used the V4 mod booma is referring to, you don’t even need flashfix. Simply using the Windows flasher for HSOP will work.

Have you tried that?

yes!!!, its work,thanks thanks thanks…:bow: