Help me please

i dont know a lot about computers my bf just upgraded my computer so i can copy dvd which i use dvd decrypter and i did have dvdx but it dont work properly the picture is not that good. i want to convert dvds to avi or wma divx so that can put it on a normal data dics. do you know any free programes to convert dvd to avi or wma or divx which is easy to use and FREE and will have a good picture. please help i would really appricate it.


You could try AutoGK, or FairUse Wizard. The former is freeware; the latter is too but as long as your output file is 700 MB or less.

Neither of these programs will deal with copy protection, so you’ll need to use DVD Decrypter or some other program to do this. FairUse Wizard will only accept an ISO image, so you’ll have to save the deprotected DVD as that type.

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