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I have downloaded couple of movies and can’t move them to cd’s.While I try to burn a cd with them,it tells me that the movie has a mistake and can’t copy it.I think it is [protected(although I downloaded them from Emule).What can I do?What software should I use?Thank you very much.


No OPEN discussion of stealing data in the forum.


Is this stealing?Huh…


Depends on what kind of movies they are.
If they are copyrighted movies, you are violating forum rules. However, if they are copyright free movies, there is no problem. In case of the latter, it would be of help to us what kind of files they are. It would also be wise to check out our tutorials on how to turn a Divx to VCD/DVD (search for it)


Well,I downloaded them from Emule,so I have no idea if there’ a copyright on them or not.They just won’t burn on a cd and take a lot of computer space.So I was trying to ask what should I do.I don’t know what is the problem with those movies.I think those rae ripped dvd’s,but I am really not sure.Again,I downloaded those movies via Emule so I dunno what is the problem with them…


Most movies are stored in the VIDEO_TS folder. You can click on individual .VOB file and select PLAY using PowerDVD or equivalent.


Movies that are currently in the theatres or released on DVD are usually copyrighted…and they are often the kind of movies downloaded through programs like emule. Ripped DVDs are copyrighted and not allowed on this forum (a clear violation of the forum rules you agreed to when signing up here).

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