Help me please! Problems to install LG GSA-H10N

I need aid urgently my friends… I have just installed the unit of DVD RW that buy me in the morning, I taken a LG H10N to $52, I happy therefore is a recent model and aside I obtained it to a very good price in a CC of my city when here they are obtained to $55 at least. … Every happiness to…

Up to now in the afternoon that you install it, I take me a little work by the cables IDE that did not enter but finally I managed to install it, I went to the BIOS and there begins the doubt: recognizes it as unit of CD-ROM, then start Windows and I proceed to go to Control Panel and to Add New Hardware start the assistant and when him start A message of warning leaves me:

[B]The software that this installing for this hardware:

Unit of CDROM

it has not surpassed the test of logo of Windows that verifies that is compatible with XP (bla bla bla without importance)

If continuous with the installation of this software can create problems or to destabilize the correct functionality of its system well immediately or in the future. Microsoft recommends that stop this installation now and be put in contact with its supplier of hardware to consult him about the software that has passed the test of logo of Windows. [/B]

I very scared stopped the installation, the notice leaves me that the installation has been interrupted and of that I can have problems with the unit. A detail: the name of the unit leaves me something as


I open the Administrator of Devices and this with a sign of admiracion al side, I did not be going to remain me, I opened the Problems Assitant and I recommend me to uninstall the unit and to try again to install the device. I do it thus, I uninstall and I try it again and the message leaves me again I of angry no longer doubt and I went me to that of God that continue installing it does not matter the warning. Finally, it leaves that already install it and every al to seems to be as should be which calms me completely… But as soon as al wanted to test my new unit I introduce a DVD that have of musical videos, I open the Power DVD and I give to Reproduce, remains reading a while, the light is lit like when this reading and then a notice leaves that Error says: Itself not an image of the disk could be done or something seemed I give to Accept and leaves another that says: There is not disk in the unit E: … Al edge of the commotion, I test to see the content with My Pc and clear, does not show anything in the unit when I give to Explore leaves me since the DVD this I empty when itself that to have contained in the, I return Administrator of Devices and nothing leaves since the device does not have problems…

You install him it in the Ide secondary as master, with a cable of 40 threads and I believe not to have done anything like so that be charged of that form, aside I do not believe that be problem of cable if was thus perhaps the Windows would not detect it and the light would function? ?.. I ask please that they help me it but before possible therefore tomorrow I arrive late to my house and I am frankly desperate and no longer themselves that but to do, they excuse if I have been very extensive but my intention has been to give the maximum of details so that they could orient me since already thanks by the aid. :confused:

Bad cable. Attach the drive, by itself, with a flat 80 conductor cable to prove it to yourself.

Brother Vlad

Isn’t that actually a sign of a bad firmware flash in recovery mode or am I mixing up something?

Doubt it, if the drive was that corrupted internally it wouldn’t function at all. If the drive were in CORE mode (FW Version CORx) you would still be able to read the name correctly.

The name being garbled is most likely to be cabling, and at the very least electrical. The cable is the easiest/cheapest thing to change.

In order of likely cause

a) Bad Cable
b) Bad Drive
c) Bad IDE Controller

Brother Vlad

Spot on Brother Vlad. :bigsmile: :iagree: