HELP ME PLEASE gsa - h55n

I have an LG GSA H55N and doesnt recognize the blank cds so i cannot writte music cds. I have the latest firmware 1.06 but still nothing. :frowning: I try to writte music and says insert an emprty cd but i already have do this. I tried 2 different types of cd but nothing. PLEASE i have writte in MANY forums but i have not find a solution until now. HELP ME. THANKS


Hello Kostas, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Does the H55N read already-burned or pressed (store bought) CDs OK?

YES reads ok music, data cds and dvds no problem on that.

OK, good. :slight_smile:

Do you have Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools on your PC?

Can you list any burning software and virtual drive/emulation software on your PC, so that we can see if one of them is causing the problem?

no i use windows media player and hit the bottom “writte music” and says “insert an empty cd” BUT i already have. I tried power ISO 44 but says insert cd too. Its not the programm the problem i believe but the driver. (i think)

@ artt,

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Suggest instead using the known problematic buggy Windows Media Player software that you use a known proven stable error free Burning software program.

Suggest installing the ImgBurn ( software program and then attempt to Burn an audio CD. Then post an ImgBurn Burning Log File. In ImgBurn the Log File is available under “View/Log”


No it says insert a blank cd. You cant writte if you have not a cd. It doesnt recognize the empty cd i already put. I cant writte with alcohol or nero or nothing. Its not the programm its the driver the problem.

My instinct says the culprit is either PowerISO or Alcohol.

With Alcohol, there’s a simple fix you can try - go into Alcohol’s Settings, and look for an option named “Ignore Media Type” - make sure this option is unchecked.

Unfortunately, if that fails and PowerISO is the culprit, the only thing I can suggest is to uninstall PowerISO.

I tried and others free burners. The problem is always the same: Insert a blank cd. (I already have)

@ artt,

Once again request that you post am ImgBurn Burning Log. If you post a full complete ImgBurn Burning Log it will provide a list of all drivers installed that might be causing a conflict error problem. If for some reason you cannot post an ImgBurn Burning Log then post a ‘File Driver File’. In ImgBurn under “Tools” the ‘File Driver File’ is located under “Filter Driver’.