Help me pick out another Burner or two

I want to get another burner or two (it’s almost my Birthday). I will have them
in a Plumax PM-525U2-PCB V5 Black USB 2.0 External Enclosure.

Considering what I have now and I mainly use MCC 004, TYG01, 02 and Yuden T02, T03 what models should I look at?

I have never had a NEC so that was my first thought but browsing through the
NEC forum I see the newer drives have Firmware issues, thought I don’t mind buying and older model.

Thanks for all advice.

Mmm, new burners (you know you want two :bigsmile: ).

Can’t speak for NEC, having never owned one, the only reason I’d probably buy one would be to take advantage of Liggy and Dee’s firmware.

You’re fairly safe with your media choices, I would have thought…so I guess it would come down to your personal preference (and needs - scanning? You’ll know from your 4163B that LG doesn’t offer it). :slight_smile:

I think I’d try a Pioneer 111 myself, should complement what you’ve got.

I got a NEC 4570 recently & was most dissappointed with it but Dee is now giving us some firmware which seems to be improving things considerably.

The Pioneer 111 does sound good but my only concern is chas0039’s Ext. Enclosure Burn Tests on Nine Drives thread shows N/A in the Burn test with the Pioneer 111 and the Cypress AT2+ chip connected by USB2.

I can always look for a different enclosure.

I forgot about the 111, shame on me! I’d definitely give that drive a go, but as you say, it might mean a new enclosure.


Duh what am I thinking I can just swap my LG to the enclosure and put the 111 internel.

Do I want the 111 or 111D?

I think the only difference between the two is RAM (but I’m open to correction). So if you want RAM support, the 111, if not, the 111D. There might be the option to crossflash from 111D to 111 though, I believe there’s a thread about it in the Asus/Pio forum.


Yeah your right and it can be cross flashed.


Hi :slight_smile:
Of the drives mentioned so far. Pioneer is the drive that stands out. :clap:
Pioneer 111 < > 111D. (Same drive). Just a question of being firm with your ware. :iagree:
As for Nec Liggy & Dees’ f/w make this drive acceptable. It’s my experience that they’re losing out to the competition(nec that is). I’ve been getting rid of my Nec drives. (Just 1 left[4551]).
The irony is that both the Nec & Pioneer use Nec chipsets. Yet for me the Pioneer does just about everything that little bit better.

Sound good, I will go with the Pioneer 111D. Then I think I will wait for the next
Lite-on Drive to come out, I already miss having the Lite-on in my system for scanning.

It seems like with the Cypress AT2+, Panasonic-based chipset drives are more tolerant of achieving 16x DVD burn speeds. However, it’s definitely not the favorite since it doesn’t offer any overspeeding, scanning, or “fun” factors. I have two NEC drives, 3500A and 4550A, guess which one is still the favorite from the two (hint: the former ;)). I just got a 111D ($37 shipped) and it has been very nice so far. It CAN be crossflashed to a 111 or A11XL, though I’ve yet to try it. The one that I’m waiting for it to be delivered is the LG GSA-H10A ($37 shipped, crossflashable to a H10N). It should be a nice drive as well.