Help me pick an external burner

i’m looking for an external dvd burner. i’m only using it to burn backups of my movies, i don’t need top of the line but some thing quick that won’t give me much trouble. i use dvdclone and any dvd for burning.

any imput would be great, i’d preffer to order from an online store.

oh and it will be used with two laptops, a newer core duo and an older p4.



see if you can get an external Liteon SHM-165P6S or a Samsung SH-S184. These are IMHO the best external drives at the moment.
Or get an internal version of Liteon SHM-165P6S (or Sony DW-G120A, same hardware), an external enclosure and put the parts together by yourself.


Personally I would avoid external enclosures as they are never as sturdy as pre-made external writers, and theres always a good chance of you having hassles with a crappy chipset.

I have a sony external writer (liteon) and it does the job. It’s got firewire and usb. Liteon drives are great readers, and arent that picky on what media you use. LG and BenQ also get my vote.

You didnt mention your location.

If you are in europe I’d reccomend

Are external drives different from internal drives? I assumed they are the same.

I like this USB enclosure. It has an excellent chipset and works well with my Liteys and hard drives. I guess it’s not fast enough for 16x burns but I wouldn’t know because I’m still using 8x discs. I get 22MB/s burst rate.