Help me pick an avatar

I’ll post a few here…you guys can post some …i need a new avatar…

Hm… your current one seems better than any of the five.

I have to agree with kenshin…


I can say one not to use–the flashing one, since it very well could cause a seizure. It’s really fast. :eek:

I didn;'t put my thong back up cause we know the big guy would say that one

The middle one from your first set you’ve used before. Most of the rest seem very unS_S to me. I do like the bear dealing the discipline, but I don’t think it will look like much once its cropped and shrunk to the proper size…

I’m with Kenny…I like your current one :iagree:

Mobile Phone Wallpapers are cool for avatars although you need to ask for permission to use them as of course you already know :wink:
just google for “phone wallpapers”

ok one more what do ya think?

alright heres another…never mind it won’t load…grrrr

wat bout that animated one u once had? it was weird… :bigsmile:

Wow… you’d think nobody around here has talked to a girl before… I like the flaming Cartman one myself. :smiley:

Hy Sexy_Southerner

this is my first post on living room. I’m not english: sorry for my language errors.

I hope that my post is not undesidered. And HOPE do not offend you in any way.

I also agree that current is a nice one.
Anyway what do you think about these?
I hope that are not excessive, and not break forum rules :slight_smile:

oh that second one is Sydney Moon…god i love her…:smiley: ok so i watch porn…that doesn’t make me a bad girl…

How about this one? :iagree:

Looks like she likes bananas.

if your current is you then… damn, a keeper i say.

Can I use that one. :smiley:

@Sexy_S, the one you now have is good. :iagree:

Lots of avatars to choose from.

The current one is quite good indeed. I really hate the flashy ones, they make my eyes go bezerk. The other one I quite like is the one saying “I swallow” :slight_smile: