Help me pick a new CPU

My brand new 3200+ is a dud (shuts down at 48C and my RMA denied) so I am looking at a new socket 939. So far it narrows down to the 3800+ Venice, the X2 4200+ Manchester or the X2 4600+ Manchester.

The 3800+ and the 4600+ both have a 2.4 GHz clock but I would wind up paying $110 for the 3800+ vs. $250 for the 4600+. That is a huge difference just to get an essentially worthless dual core (most games). The 4200+ is less, $184, but I will lose 2GHz just to get dual core and I will probably wind up with a slower chip than the cheaper 3800+.

So what do you guys think? Assume overclocking is an option with any of these so don’t take it into account.

Hi :slight_smile:
Assume you mean lose .2Ghz & not 2Ghz. Also don’t forget it’s dual core. As an investment, I personally would go for the x2 4200+ Manchester.

I’m happy with my 3800+ Manchester X2. Overclocking with a good motherboard assume a 20% increase (about the average Manchester [B]stable[/B] overclock). That would put the 4200+ X2 @ 2.6-2.7 ghz. Dual core is worth it. I have noticed significant performance increases with even simple tasks, and have yet to really game on it as I’m awaiting a X1900XT. I have heard that some of the high-end games have patches available to utilize both cores but not sure which.

The notion that a X2 core is “worthless” might be ill-conceived. Even at lower clock speeds, you’ll get more done in less time with an X2 than you will with a single core. Right now, the Toledo 4400+ is a terrific value.

The Gaming Difference in all chips is negligable as the majority of work is done via GPU. For that reason any Dual Core literally craps on any Single Core for all other tasks - whether or not apps can multithread or not - you have two execution cores.

If your looking [B]Manchester[/B] - the 3800+ is ample as the only diff between that and the 4200+ is clock speed.
If your looking [B]Toledo[/B] - the 4400+ is fine as the 4600+ and 4800+ are just faster clocks and if you look at my sig you’ll see you can get the 4400+ to perform as well as the 4600+/4800+ for a fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind Overclocking potential is dependant on Stepping and Revision of the CPU - just because Joe Bloggs gets 2.9 out of his 3800+ doesn’t mean you will.

Even though not everything might not take advantage off the dual core now, in the long run you would be a lot beter off, and will probably be able to go resonably longer without another upgrade should you get the dual core. I’m still kicking myself for buying to early and getting a single core now that the dual cores are so cheap.

Thanks guys, good advice. I decided to get the X2 4200+ and hopefully I can get 2500 or so out of it. I decided that even though the speed of dual core is not a significant benefit for most software, many users have found that their method of using Windows had to change in order to see the value. Then they never went back.

i havent really been astounded by my X2 4600. I like how things seem to run a bit smoother, but the programs i use personally havent shown much increase in speed. I do like being able to encode a movie while playing counter strike source and defragging one of the hdd/s at once, that probably worked before too but it seems smoother there too. Hey chas, report back if you could when you get yours and tell me how you find your new processor, and where you see the most improvement over the old one.

Will do. Most people seem to report the same experience as you do. The benchmarks support this; most programs don’t take advantage (yet) of dual scores.

Thought I’d add where i saw some dramatic increase in performance, I have a sony mp3 player, the nw-hd5, it cant play wma files so i needed to convert them to atrac, now THAT was super fast, was watching the process in task manger, both cores were doing about 56 to 70 percent :stuck_out_tongue:

Just timed the conversion of the album parachutes-coldplay, 10 tracks in wma 192kb/s, to atrac plus-256kb/s at 2 minutes.

What motherboard will you be using? You should at least be able to get 2.5ghz, probably close to 2.6 stable depending on the mobo.

I have an ASUS A8N5X. Most reports say 2600 but you never know (see my 3200) so I will be happy with at least 2500. Anything else will be gravy.