Help me pick a dvd drive!

Hey guys, its time for me to use my Christmas gift card at Best Buy now haha. I am sick of my old burner so will you guys pick me out the best burner at best buy! (Looking for the best out and dual layer would be nice)


You didn’t say whether you want an internal or external drive.

The prices at Best Buy are outrageous! Here’s what I would do. Buy a good drive from (or mwave or zipzoomfly)for half the price they want at Best Buy, then use your gift card to buy some Verbatim 16x +R disks when they go on sale at BB.

I like the Pioneer 111d, but there is nothing wrong with the LG drives either.

I have also heard some good things on the 111d too

LOL ya I know best buy is bad but they have NOTHING else I can think of. I hate buying from their but there is nothing else. They have bad blank media so I wouldnt want to buy that there.

So on for a samsung anything else. I would want an internal drive