Help me pick a drive

…or should I wait?

I’m looking for a good all-around DVD writer that is outstanding to read and write audio CD’s. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and it looks like I’d be best suited by two drives - one for the all-around DVD writing stuff, and another for audio CD extraction and writing.

PATA is preferred at this point for both drives since I don’t currently have any SATA open. I could free one up, though, if it was absolutely worth it. Lightscribe also sounds like fun, so let’s put that in as a consideration.


The Samsung 182 was looking attractive until I saw the fiasco with the lead-in problem for that drive. I shifted my attention to the Asus 1814, but then I started reading the discussion on the Samsung S203B, and within that conversation, the S202G was sounding like a good drive. I emailed Samsung since the drive hasn’t been released yet, and they have no ETA. Is this drive worth waiting weeks (months?) for, or am I just as well with another drive for all around use?

And onto the audio…

What suggestions would be put out for a drive dedicated to DAE and audio CD writing? Plextor seems like a hot name here. Is that the best bet, or are there other options I should be considering? Please be specific, the audio CD writing and pressed CD DAE is very important so any specific model numbers, reasoning, and tests and statistics would be appreciated.


You can order the Samsung S203B from go to the USA site!
It’s $36.96