Help me pick a Blu-ray burner


I’m building a new computer and I’m looking for an internal Blu-ray writer drive.

I’m curious as to which of the following you would recommend:

LG BH14NS40 (I could get the OEM version WH14NS40, but Canada Computers has the BH14NS40 on sale for only 3 bucks more than the WH14NS40 so why not just get it with the software as well).

Pioneer BDR-208DBK OEM

Asus BW-12B1ST Retail

Asus BW-14D1XT Retail

Pioneer BDR-2208 (from reading this site it seems the Pioneers are popular)

Lite-On iHBS112-04 OEM

Lite-On iHBS212-08 Retail

From what I can tell, the only difference between the two Lite-On drives is that the iHBS212-08 has LightScribe and 3-D, whereas the iHBS112-04 doesn’t, correct?

Also, whatever drive I get should be able to work in Win7, OS X Mountain Lion, and Ubuntu Linux; as my system triple boots between all three.


“3D” is coming with any BD drive. :wink:
If Liteon has to pose with that slogan then its not a good sign.

All the above drives should work in Win8 just fine.

As chef indicated above, all of the drives support “3D”, as it isn’t dependent on the drive, but on the video hardware (screen, graphics card, etc) and playback software. So that’s irrelevant. Otherwise, you are correct; iHBS212 supports LightScribe, while the 112 doesn’t.

Pioneer drives indeed are typically recommended. The next step down around here are LG drives, which we regard as being equally good in most circumstances. The LiteOn drives are popular for scanning (as they are some of the few that do scans in the BD world).

Pioneer 2208 is the same as a 208M, meaning it has BDXL support where the 208D does not. We typically preach future proofing and suggest getting the 2208/208M, but if you will never do BDXL, then…it doesn’t matter too much. The 2208 might come with some other random premium features.

Cool, thanks. I wasn’t aware of that 3D was supported by all drives :o

Out of all of the drives listed which are the quietest?