Help me out - Trouble with online DVD Rental




I signed up for movie pigeon’s free trial -

At the end on the trial they claimed they had not received 1 dvd from me-Tehy received it around 2 days after my trial had ended-Even though I sent it about 3 days before my trial ended.

So anyway, They charged me £20. I thought no biggie. Now while I was on this trial, I received an email from movie pigeon stating that I had signed up for a free trial 4 times. -A mistake I’m guessing was made on their part. They say that they activated one of my accounts. I ignored it and carried on with my free trial on the account they had activated.

I received my VISA Statement today, And realized they had charged me £80! WHat I’m guessing happened is that I was billed £20 for the trial I actually used-Because 1 DVD they claimed was 2 days late. The other £60, (£20 X 3) was for the other 3 accounts I “signed up for”.

After emailing them, I still haven’t received a reply. I tryed their phone number and whenever I try it rings a couple of times then goes to an answering machine-

There’s nobody around to take your call at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.

What should I do??? I have been charged £80 for a 2 week “free trial”!!!

I am going to try writing to them tommorow. Anybody got any advice for me? Thanks!


I would call my credit card company and have the charges reversed.


Would they do that? Cool! I’ll phone them up first thing tommorow morning/1


They have done it in the past for other people in different circumstances. You may have to argue with them though, but at least you will get your money back.

For example, I sold a game on eBay to someone, and they say they never got it, and instead of letting me know and getting a normal refund, they called their credit card company and told them to reverse the charges and then they told me they did it. And PayPal charged me an extra $10 for that - so I lost out my money, my game, and an extra $10 of my money.


Thanks, I phoned them up, They refunded the money back into my account.