Help me out! Rate My PC!

Hi everyone, I want to ask you guys a favor…

Go get an account at, and take 5 minutes of your life and rate my PC system.
Rate my Pc at this link:

The rating is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks alot…

P.S. Give my PC 5 stars!!! Thank you!!

… but it does not deserve 5 stars…
xp home, standard-sound-(card), what for an extra ethernet card?, standard mouse…
this is not a 5-star pc…

agree with Razor1982…doesn’t deserve 5 stars…especially not for the overall pricetag.

It’s a nice PC, but definitely not an Ultimate PC.

No Athlon 64FX, only 512Mb, AGP graphics card, DVD-burner only capable of 2.4x DL, …

You don’t want my honest rating … so I won’t rate it. :wink:

hmm 5 stars for that overpriced turd?


**1/2 stars
Too expensive for the listed components. Click on this link for a much better value system. I would upgrade the powersupply and the CPU cooling fan. The $299 deal may be 10% slower, but it is also five times cheaper. You do the math. In 6 months, both systems will be DOGS.

That pc sucks. Get a Voodoopc
1 star, for effort

I will only give you one star for it being better than mine! (trust me it aint hard)
but apart from that agreed with al those above

he just wants you to vote high so he can win a new pc, but it seems to be back firing since everybody is giving him low scores.(i’m going to win anyways!!) :bigsmile:

so what’s your config? does it “deserve” to win? probably not since you didn’t ask us to vote ;p

yea i must say my pc is about 1 year old now and well it wound bench mark better then that.

Ultimate PC for what???
it sure isnt ultimate for games (way too expensive P4 560 and only X800 pro)
it surely isnt ultimate workstation PC (P4 and only 512Mb RAM, hardly enough to run windows XP nicely)
it prolly is the ultimate forum browsing system :bigsmile:

seriously for that kind a money you can build a monster gaming PC or a light workstation PC if you choose your components right.
now spend a lot of money on a system that isnt really good at anything
just my €0.02

AGREED, that price seems really high, expecially for a build it yourselfer

actually i havent done it yet but i will later - and i wont be trying to drum up votes - it will speak for itself :wink:

keep us posted…interested to see what you come up with…

Let us know and we will give our honest opinion (if you like it or not :stuck_out_tongue: ). :smiley:

Only 512MB RAM
No-name case, Average power supply
crappy sound card (Live 24-bit doesn’t have a hardware DSP)
Bad choice of XP Home
LCD has slow response time of 25ms (bad for gaming) and no DVI
Better hard disk choices than the Maxtor, and only 120GB
Better choices than LiteOn for DVD burning, IMO
Why buy a NIC card when the mainboard should have one? And why’d you choose an AGP graphics card for a PCIe mainboard? Why add a mouse to this config when you also have a keyboard/mouse kit? Looks like you did this in a big hurry. Oh, and then you ask us to rate your config, but then request we give it five stars. Gee, that’s objective. :rolleyes:

I’m not voting on this…but this config needs a LOT of work before I’d call it “ultimate” anything.

Well you get what you pay for. So, i present for the hardcore gamer…

pretty good attempt…

  1. better HSF…something like the XP-90 or XP-120
  2. no need for the wi-fi card (true gamers don’t use wi-fi due to possible dropouts)
  3. no need to buy a KB/Mouse combo AND an addtl trackball (just buy KB and Mouse of your choice separately)
  4. 17in analog LCD??? i’d choose the Viewsonic VP192B 12ms DVI panel.