Help me out, pick one for me... =)

i’m looking to buy a new dvd/vcr combo player… i’ve done my homework, browsing and searching the net, and here are my final 4-


Panasonic PV-D4752(D4762)

Samsung DVD-V2000(2500)

Sharp DV-NC70U(NC72U),1056,117,00.html

they are all under u.s 250 dollars. i know the samsung could copy dvd or vcd to its own vcr, but what about others? and that’s my main point of investing. so far, the samsung one is what i have in mind-it’s the cheapest and got good feed backs on other users too. but others just look much more attractive to me hehe…

does any of you guys has some real life experience with those and could gimme some feed backs? thx a lot! :bow:


ttt and words me pls…:bow:

JVC is refurbished , and no DTS output

Sharp has no DTS output either and looks real cheap

Couldn’t find lots of specs on the other two , but if i had to choose i think i’d go for the samsung as well… given that you actuall need a vcr player as well.