Help me out here... Video-CD (MPEG) Player?



Hi, I need a good simple VCD (MPEG) player. I know the windows media player is great for playing movies but I want a little more features… like playing a movie frame by frame…
Suggestions anyone?


use PowerDVD
download here

  • Wide range of file formats support for playback
    AudioCD Tracks (.CDA) (Audio CD playback)
    DVD Video object files (
    Dobly AC3 audio files (.AC3)
    MIDI Audio files (
    MPEG 1/2 files (
    MPEG 1 Audio Layer-2 files (
    MPEG 1 Audio Layer-3 files (.MP3)
    MPEG 1 Video files (
    MPEG 2 Video files (.M2V)
    Microsoft Waveform audio files (
    Quicktime Movie files (.MOV;.QT)
    Windows Media files (.ASF;.WM;.WMA;.WMV)
    Video for Windows files (.AVI)
    VideoCD files (


Hmmm… I tried it… and that program might be good for playing DVD’s… but it doesn’t work very well with Video-CD’s on my computer… the screen aspect ratio isn’t right…
I’m just looking for something as easy and simple as the windows media player only a little more advanced… I only need to play vcd (mpeg) so I don’t need any DVD support…



You could download xing mpeg player…

and then download the crack at