Help me out here please

hi all,
i have a 40125s and have flashed it with 48x firmware vs02,
but i’m having problems, when i try to do an audio cd with nero from mp3 files, it start the burn fine and it going quick but at 45% burnproof comes on for a second and then continues to write but in doing so the velocity of the cd must slow down as the finish time of the burn is 3mins 38 secs, i tried same disc at 40x same time same prob but at 32x it burns fine in 3mins 3 secs, i am using 40x rated discplanets and have tried with smartburn off at 48x and on at 40 if i write other images they seem to be fine and done quickly it just seems to be audio, if i do the transfer test on nero cd speed it finishes test of audio cd in 2mins 27secs so i would say my media is fine cos i have tried burning in nero with 3 brands of media and get same result each time 3-38secs, so what gives, was wondering how i can get winoncd 5 to regognise the drive so i can see if it’s nero causing me the problems so any ideas anybody or some other software i can burn mp3 to audio that will work with 48x burner.



For audio, you might want to try Feurio. However, I’m not sure about the 48x support, since I don’t have a 48x recorder :slight_smile:

do not decode on the fly.
encode the mp3 first to wav…and then burn them to a audio cd

you can try Feurio, nero and EAC/lame