Help me NEC ND 3540A

i tried to burn with 3 recorders by NERO.the 1st time everything was alright but next time "burn failed " and the reason was my NEC ND 3540 A .the two others recorders are LG RW and i have no problem ith them.And my NEC can only burn at 32x .i will try again ( and i will lose 3 blank cd :frowning: ) .And i used binflash to flash my NEC with all new NEC 3540 A firmware you recommended .sorry i’m newbie .thank in advance

normally the recorders have to match because nero is supplying data to them at the same rate. on short cds where there are not significant differences in the cds you may be able to have it complete on longer burns mismatched drives will fail-out. sorry you need another LG or 2 more NEC to make it work

thanks. i think i will use another LG burner .you’r so kind