Help me: ND2500A or LG GSA-4081B?

I’m looking to purchase my first DVD-burner and have been researching many reputable sites for reviews particularly on these 2:

LG GSA-4081B

All in all, they BOTH have gotten rave reviews. Well at least much more positive than negative. They are both very cheap at little over $100. Basically, I’m looking to back up movie DVDs, archive data, and .avis (and possibly convert them to be playable in home theatre players). Speed is low priority, quality/longevity is high priority.

Can I get some opininions as to which of these 2 is the better buy?

ps. why is Nero so much better than Roxio?

Go with the NEC since the LG seems to be having certain issues involving CD write speed and 8x DVD writing. Furthermore, the NEC 2500 seems to be the reigning king of DVD write quality, something which should be one of the most important criteria when choosing a drive.

Thanks FoxBat, I agree with you writing quality should be #1 and NEC 2500A by all accounts is the king. However, I’ve heard mixed reports about its reading ability and I see that as #2 priority. Imagine the horror of not being able to read your own burnt disks? I hope those claims are exaggerated or at least rare…

I’m gonna buy the NEC (my bro has an older one and loves it)…

Well, I can imagine your worries but if it would happen you can always get yourself a cheap DVD-ROM drive.
As for the write quality difference, look around on the forum here and be amazed about the difference between the 2500A and the 811S :bigsmile: