Help me my wedding dvd - CRC error

I just got my wedding dvds back and I am trying to copy the dvd - and I get the error message saying “CRC” - cyclic redundancy check " - I have tried clonedvd and dvd shrink - but no help. Cleaned the dvd well (although it was clean to begin with). It works perfectly fine on stand alone sony dvd player as well as panasonic dvd player. Please please please help!!

It sounds like the DVD is encrypted to prevent you from making copies.
Even your own wedding video’s could be copyright of the person who shot the video. In this case you will need to purchase further copies.

Are you sure it’s a DVD and not a CD?

Congrats by the way :flower: Welcome to the ball and chain :bigsmile:

Yes I have to agree with rolling. We would need some more info, and the file types on the disc. Then we can help you more. Even if it has some type of encryption. So do DVD movies and in most countries you can and people do make a backup of the original so the original is not damaged. :slight_smile:

I have problems with CRC too, older DVD media that I burn and my friends. All media by ritek R03 have now CRC error and we don’t know what to do, that’s may be 500 DVD-s that are now useless because of CRC, if you have some information how to eliminate that error please post, our work from 2 years gone with a wind…

Lower the readspeed with Nero drivespeed and try the DVDs in different drives.

Also clean the DVDs.

Try Dfab Express, it will work!!