Help me make a Greatest Hits DVD

I own a lot of music DVDs and would really like to make a greatest hits DVD…I have Clone DVD2, AnyDVD ans Roxio CD/DVD Creater.

What I’d like to do is take a songs (Chapters?) from several disks and burn them into a greatest hits…

I’d really appreciate any help :flower:

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The CloneDVD ( software program focus is copying Commercial DVD Movie Title and not a DVD authoring program.

For your Greatest Hits DVD audio project you need a DVD authoring program similar to the Audio DVD Creator (, which I believe, will suit your needs.

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Are you asking about a greatest hits video DVD, or taking music and burning them to a DVD for music playback only?

Just curious as I am working on a greatest hits video DVD. I have had some success, but like anything else it not perfect.

Let me know if you are doing the same thing and I will tell you what I have done so far.


I would like both the audio and video burned. Please let me know how your doing this…

And are you able to preserve the multichannel audio? If so, do all the songs need to be in DTS or Dolby or can they be mixed?

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to this.

This is what I have done so far, and I have some success.

  1. Using DVD Shrink I cur out the particular performance I want. This is done in Reauthor mode and can take some times due to wanting a nice start and ending point.

  2. I save the performance to my hard drive in its own folder. The same goes for any other cuts you make from that DVD, or others. For example, if you cut out 12 performances, then you should end up with 12 different folders.

  3. Using Nero (I tried using Roxio, but didn’t have success) I open up Make Your Own DVD Video.

  4. I then select the option to Make Movie and then browse for the performances you saved and add them to your project.

  5. Using the Storyboard view I add the performances to the Storyboard.

  6. Once done, I awitch to the Timeline view and add an introduction to the performance. For example, Eric Clapton “Layla”. Depending on how you set it, and which transition you use, this will appear as an overlay to the performance. I used a Fade In/Fade Out affect that lasts about 7 to 9 seconds. Once done, click the Next button.

  7. When adding files in this manner, it appears that what you are creating are individual titles. So, what you want to do is to create chapters. This can be done on this page. Select the Create Chapters icon and you will be taken to another page.

  8. There are a few selections you can make on this page. The selection I make is Add Chapter For Each Video. If you do this you should see a chapter created for each title you added to your project. Once done, click Next.

  9. You should now be brought back to the page where you selected Create Chapters. If you are done with this part, then click the Next button. You should then be taken to the title page where you should see a button for each chapter you created. This is important because this will allow navigating back and forth between chapters on a standalone player, as well as selecting chapters you may want to watch with your remote (I have had trouble with this part and am still working on it).

  10. On the title page you can make personal adjustments to what you see. For example, on my test DVD I selected a snapshot of one of the videos as the background. I also changed the numbering and label scheme. You can fool with this to see what works best for you.

  11. Once done with that, and after you click Next, you can preview what you have done. If you need to adjust anything, just click on the Back button.

  12. The next page is the burning page and once you save to wherever you want the project to go, you are done.

Note: This is a work in progress for me and I am still having some problems with playback on my standalone player. As mentioned above, you end up with a button for each chapter you create. If there are more chapters than can fit on one title screen, Nero creates a second title screen, or a third etc, if needed. Although I can navigate from one screen to the next on my computer using my mouse, I have not yet figured out how to do it using my remote on my standalone player. But, once the video is playing, you should be able to go from one chapter to the next using your remote as you would with any movie.

Another note is that when you are adding the individual performances, and have some that have the same attributes (video, sound, etc), Nero will ask if you want to merge them into one. I choose No to this simply because I believe that Nero would create subtitles if you choose yes. This could possibly create problems when trying to create chapters later on in the process.

Lastly, if you are familiar with ripping songs from multiple CDs and creating a single CD out of many different songs, you realize that you have volume differences. The same is true with the sound from different videos combined into one. In fact, its much worst. This is due to various reasons not least of which is volume. There are also audio recording differences. For example, in my test DVD I took the Lynrd Skynrd song Freebird from the Freebird movie and cut it out. I also took an Eagles song from the Farewell Tour 1. I combined these two songs with ten others and when played back on my computer, or standalone, the sound differences were astounding. One was very low and done in poor quality, and the other was more vibrant and far better quality. The end result was turning up the volume for the Free Bird performance and getting blasted out of my chair for the Eagles performance. I don’t know if there is an answer for this, but I will keep poking around as time allows.

I hope you get to see this and I kope it points you in the direction you are looking to go. I would suggest looking around in the Roxio software you have as I am sure there is something similar in it you can use rather than Nero.

Good Luck

I am not sure on one thing here Seeker2, I need to have separate physical files of the individual songs/videos on my Hard Drive becuase I will want to mix and match videos so can you tell me please if the method you’ve described below will create separate physical files so each file will only be the length of each song/video [say 3 or 4 minutes] or will it simply copy the entire 120-minute video and create chapters?


In DVD Shrink you go into Reauthor mode. Select the whole movie and then
click on the button with the two arrows pointing left and right (the button is to the far right of the DVD Compilation box).

Once in the Start/End frames window, you will see selections you can make manually, or by chapter using the drop downs. Once you have selected the start and end of your clip, you click on the Backup button and it will ask you where you want to back the clip up to. At that point you will only be saving the clip you chose and where you chose to save it to.

Hope that makes sense.

You really came through for me Seeker2 [appreciate it!!], using Shrink to create separate files works great, a lot of work when doing music videos to locate the start and ends of the songs but all in all, easy to do. Just one question please, when you set the start and end points and preview the segment in the window below, if you need to make adjustments to that same segment, can you do that or do you have to start all over again? Thanks.

I also use this system for making musical clips with shrink.
In answer to your question, you dont have to start all over again,if you want to change the clip length that you made, just reopen it again with the double facing arrows and change the legth again,easy!

The only problem with the system is you end up with many many vob files and you will find your NEXT button on the remote wont work if you want to skip to the NEXT track of music! You have to let them run through. I have another way to fix that but its EXTREAMLY lengthy and complex!
If you dont mind having the NEXT button on your remote frozen and a slight pause between clips, just stay with the reauthor/shrink prog. :clap:

Thanks for the help, got it! Regarding the above, when I play my DVD with Cyberlink’s PowerDvd, I can skip to the next and previous files, maybe it depends on the player you’re using?

Another question concerning shrink, after saving each clip, can I start again where I left off or do I have to start over every time?

Yes it will work on your PC that way, but not on the player. Ive tried it on many and it wont!

You have to start from the beginning every time for each new clip you want to save. :flower:

Oh, I see what you mean, yes, I can’t get it to skip to next or previous track on the standalone but as I mainly watch it on my pc, this is not a problem for me, if it was then I would get a card that would allow me to see my pc on the tv.

The problem with starting over after each clip is I always have to remember at which point on the bar I had left off to make it easier for me pick up where I left off.

I think widescreen answered your question. Just access the End/Start Frame screen again and shorten, or lengthen, the video until you get to where you want to be.

Not sure what widescreen is commenting on relative to delays and not being able to use the Next button on your remote, unless he/she thinks this is an audio compillation. If so, its not. Its a music video compillation and my remote works without pause moving from chapter to chapter.

However, if you do not create chapters as I described in my post above, then you end up with titles and this does cause problems with the Next button as well as several second delays. In my opinion, you have to say NO if Nero asks if you want to merge (not sure of the exact wording) titles because they have the same attributes. You will see this when you add the different video clips to your Storyboard. Then when you get to the Creating Chapters window within Nero, do not select Auto, select the other option which is Add Chapter for each video. When done, you should see a number of bars representing each video you added to your project.

Keep working at it and good luck!

If you are making audio and video clips from dvd musical numbers that maybe recored in 5.1/4.1 etc sound the nero prog you are suggesting will change the sound to LPCM. The only way you can keep the sound original and allow the NEXT button to function correctly without pauses between clips is, You use the reauthor prog on shrink, you end up with many titles (say 24 musical clips) then you have to use two other progs (vobedit & ifoedit) which will join the 24 clips into ONE title and keep all the original audio intact and allow the NEXT button on your remote to change from clip to clip. Also the pause between the clip will be removed.

Its a longer process and needs time to learn but its the only way to end up with a professional looking product. :smiley:

I didn’t want to take the time to create chapters, I had thought that Nero would auto create this since I am burning indivdual files but I could test creating chapers and then play back on the standalone to see if I could use the next or previous button or do you guys know for sure that this will not work?

I suggest that you take a 3 or 4 video clips and create chapters as I have mentioned above. Your standalone remote should allow you to use the next and previous buttons. I have been able to do this on my Sony standalone, but have not taken the time to test it on any others.

Remember, if you create more chapters than Nero can’t fit on the title page, it creates a second, third, etc. I have not found a way to go from page to page on the title screen using my remote. But, once in the movie, and as mentioned above, you should be able to go from chapter to chapter using your remote.

Once done with my little project, I am going to experiment with widescreen’s method to see if there is an improvement in the sound quality.

Good luck!

Instead of doing the chapter thing I think I will burn just as individual titles since my bruning will be mainly for use on the pc, this way I can skip to any next or previous track, I do intend on getting a pro video card soon that will also allow me to see my pc on the TV so then this will not matter as I could use the card’s remote instead of the TV, thnaks for the tip though.

I haven’t nocticed much difference in volume levels [yet] but I do need some type of compressor/limiter/enhancer/Equlaization for these videos becuase I get difference in frequencies espcially with the older videos, I will create a new thread for that soon and will inform you guys if I come across anything or maybe you could start it off right now if you wish?

Slight [I hope] problem, when I capture I have just 1 mpeg2 file or icon, when I rip via Shrink, I end up with 5 files for each video so I place each different video into separate folders, now when importing the files into NVE3, how or which files can I import out of those 5 files, just the mpeg2 file? Or how is it done? I wish to simply import just the mpeg2 files so they will show as different titles.

As I said if you want to keep the original sound of 5.1/4.1 etc etc the Nero method your using will ALWAYS convert the sound to LPCM. I want to keep the original sound thats why I wont use the Nero method.

So noted, thanks. Any help for my previous post? See below again:

“when I capture I have just 1 mpeg2 file or icon, when I rip via Shrink, I end up with 5 files for each video so I place each different video into separate folders, now when importing the files into NVE3, how or which files can I import out of those 5 files, just the mpeg2 file? Or how is it done? I wish to simply import just the mpeg2 files so they will show as different titles.”