Help me in uninstalling deepfreez!

hi all

i need UR help …

i installed DeepFreez on my PC. windows me , and i want to uninstall it.

the normal way i used in windows xp, is double click on the icon of the prog , while pressing shift , then stop the prog , and make reset .

after that inserting the cd that containig the program , and uninstall it!

in windows xp , this way work

but in windows me , i didnt find the icon of the deepfreez , and when i try 2 uninstall it , a letter saying that i have 2 stop the prog be4 uninstall it

plz i need ur help .

and i dont wanna 2 format the disc. :confused:

what is this deepfreez proggy? first time i hear bout it
press ctrl+alt+del and terminate its process then attempt to uninstall it ,should go smooth

edit : my bad forgot winme doesnt have a built-in process manager
get process explorer from