Help me in Internet Explorer!

hi all …

i have download a file from the internet , and after that it

the mainpage changed , and a new toolbar appeared in IE

its AZE search toolbar …

i canceled the mainpage , but the toolbar doesnt want to cancel

every time i cancel it , and after i open it again it appear another time !

plz help me to cancel it … :sad:

Sounds like some spyware is installed.

Try downloading and running either,

Microsoft Beta Spyware

yeah your right womble…i hate spyware…
heres some free anti spyware…
Ad-aware -
CWShredder -
Diet K -
HiJackThis -
SpyBot Search & Destroy -
SpywareBlaster -
SpywareGuard -

.by the way Zintan…have ya looked at FireFox…might wanna give them a try…
irefox -

thanx …

really i tried ad-aware …

but nothing happened !

i ll try the others ,


i use all 3 :bigsmile:

could u plz give me direct links …


I use all three also-

If I had to choose just one it would be Spy Bot with the immunization feature turned on - really works good-

Do a “google” search for it-


if you had read all the posts you would have seen that S_S has already provided 2 links out of the 3 needed.

Read the post? Isn’t that like using the search feature or RTFM?

I get overlooked…
i should post a naked woman’s pic…with my information on her boobies then they would listen…LOL

Brain over beauty, any day of the week. Bonus points for great legs!

How about this; use Firefox!