Help me improve my 3500 DVD+R burn quality!



Hello everyone,

I have been a long time user of my 3500 (running the latest MadDog 2.FD with RPC1 and riplock removal) and have superb results with burning DVD-R (PI max of ~12 and PIF max ~2), but I have had poor luck burning DVD+R media. I will try out the Liggy 2.TC and the modified 2.18 that some people seem to like. Any recommendations on what modified firmware to use on the 3500?

As you can see from the scans, the high PI values come at the beginning of the burn and decrease to the normal values for the drive of ~10.

I am using reliable Taiyo Yuden media (8x DVD+R and DVD-R) media. I have included a scan of one of 8x DVD+R discs burned at 8x and a 8x DVD-R burn for comparison. If there any recommendations for different firmwares to try, I am willng to try anything to improve these burns!!! Seems so strange to get these different results from nearly identical discs, just +/-.

DVD+R (with Maddog 2.FD):

DVD-R (Maddog 2-FD):

I rather not have to junk these discs, but doesn’t make much sense to use +R when I get such good burns from the -R’s…

Thanks for any help in advance,


ummm there is nothing wrong with those scans. max is pi 280 pif 4 so unless you are over that there is NOTHING to worry about.


as an addendum i would suggest that your 811 may not equally “see” the discs which might contribute to the the difference in scans. in any case spend some time in the media testing thread and you will see that what you are seeing is not anything of consequence.


I wouldn’t worry too much about the +R quality. As a matter of fact the PIF Total (149) is lower on the +R scan than the total you got on the -R (382). Remember the PIF’s are the ugly ones and the ones to really worry about. They will make your reading drive put up a bit of a fight if being too high. Actually I can’t remember having seen a PIF total as low as 149 in ages. Seems like very, very good burns to me :slight_smile:

How are the transferrate tests? Do they reveal any problems? (they shouldn’t).



I have been using the 2.18btrpc1 and 2.FC firmwares (one on each 3500) for several months with very good results-

I continue to get my best burns on 8x -R medias like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell and don’t have any particular desire to change from what works good for me-



Thanks everyone for the response,

Glad to hear about the PIF’s being the more important of the two values. I have also had the best look with the 8x DVD-R’s, but I can get these decent scans with the DVD+R if I do it at 4x. If I burn 8x on the DVD+R, the PIF’s will be very low with one to two spikes up to ~11, but 4x seems to prevent those spikes.

Thanks again for the info,