Help me - im not burning!

firstly ty to all who have replied previously -
Crowley, Dee-ehn, Mr. Belvedere, cloakdoa;
ty for you’re help so far.

BURNER: phillips CDD3610
nero returns error: ‘SCSI/ATAPI command time out error’
my burner reads cd’s fine, just wont burn.
i also get an error on startup -
‘Pri Slave Dri ATAPI incompatible
F1 to resume’
so with that resume am i to presume i have an ATAPI bus? whatever that means.
i have my box open (fnaar fnaar) & i see that i have a smaller ribbon attatched to my motherboard & floppy
one large ribbon attatched to my m/b & HD then nothing
a bit like this;
[M/B]—>[HD]–>[ ]
& then another large ribbon to my burner
[M/B]–>[CDRW]–>[ ]

i have no other cd player on my system (i think the old creative one may have been causing the problems)
ive had a few other users on the machine (one of which replaced the basic cd player- coincidentally the start of the problems) - but it did work ok at one stage.

im not a technophobe & beleive this is not a problem with the burner itself (cos it reads ok) - i just need help to point me in the right direction.

many thanks all,


do you have your jumpers set correctly? that may be a problem

the jumper is set to MASTER. i think this to be correct?

For more information about ATAPI , check here.
Basically , atapi means your ide channels.

First that error message ,

I assume it appears in the POST (Power On Self Test / Memory check) of the motherboard , when not even the Operating System (OS) is loading.

Pri Slave Dri means that device on the 1st ide channel (the primary channel) which is connected as slave.

Bascially a standard motherboard has 2 IDE channels. Each IDE is capable of holding TWO atapi devices. So this means a total of 4 devices.

Primary Channel : Master + Slave
Secondary Channel : Master + Slave

Usually the setup is :

Primary channel : Harddisk (for OS and other stuff) on Master
Secondary channel : CD/ROM (for reading cd’s) on Master

When a writer is concerned the setup usually is :

Primary channel : Harddisk on Master , CDROM on Slave
Seconday channel : Writer on Master

In your case its :

Primary channel : Harddisk on Master
Secondary channel : Writer on Master

I assume you can start your operating system :slight_smile: So i reckon the jumpers on the harddisk are correct :slight_smile:

Also you can read cd’s on your Philips writer , so it seems in order. But let us not forget that error … so check if you might have a cd reader and player that are both behaving as master or both as slave.

The 3610 is a little buggy sometimes , i can’t help that. But you can make it recalibrate. And this can solve a LOT of problems.

This is the method

  1. Power down your computer
  2. Push the eject button of the writer (the huge red or green button , i believe it was red on a 3610) and keep it pressed !
  3. Power up the computer , still keeping that eject button pressed !
  4. Prevent the computer loading the operating system , usually a press of the PAUSE button while it’s counting it’s memory , or going to the SETUP with the DEL key should be enough :slight_smile:
  5. If correct , the writer starts flashing with its leds and suddenly after a 20 seconds or so , the tray ejects. This is normal
  6. Now let go of the eject button , press it once to get the tray back in the drive and power down the computer
  7. Power up the computer and check if the error is gone and writing can take place.

Also try different media . the 3610 is quite picky about the cd’s you use. Use a CD-RW to test it a LOT.

Furthermore check if there is an firmware update (i surely doubt it , but who knows) for your writer.

big thanks to you Mr. Belvedere,
im off to try the things you suggest right now.
just one little thing - you said use a CD RW to test it a LOT. what do you mean?
many thanks again,


i could just eat you all up.
got it all sussed, recalibrated me laser, cleaned (quite an odyessey to get into - & massively dusty, thats quite a nasty design flaw - sucking dust into a precision optical instrument!!!)
re-booted & boom, one brand spanking new copy of my latest three mega-songs on a bright shiny freshly burned piece of plastic!! woohoo!
i cant get the smile on the left to work, but know that im a big happy smiley burning person right now.

many thanks again to all who helped.
karma to you all.


well, I must thank you for your wonderful title. “I am not burning”, hehe, LMAO :smiley:

Originally posted by St.Hubbins
[B]big thanks to you Mr. Belvedere,
im off to try the things you suggest right now.
just one little thing - you said use a CD RW to test it a LOT. what do you mean?
many thanks again,

PMF [/B]

using a cd-rw saves a lot of coasters… if the burning fails , you just reformat it again… up to about 100 times… quite cost effective for testing :slight_smile: