Help me if you can

ok so here is what happened, i have a sony 510a 4x drive and somehow i flashed it with the 1.0g firmware for the dru-500a,

not sure how the updater let me do this bc i cant seem to get the updates for the 510a like firmware 1.0c and 1.0d to flash it back, they keep saying no drives to update. so the computer sees only a 500a not a 510a now. My question is how do i erase the firmware or switch it back to 510a. any help would be awsome.

There is a firmware hack out there that allows
to flash the Sony DW-U14A (OEM) to the
Sony DRU510A (Retail) so that new updates of
firmware can be applied more readily.

I have that firmware, but I think the name in it is hacked
to recognize the DW-U14A drive.

It might be able to be hacked so that the name for
your drive can be inserted, and flashed back to the
DRU510 A drive, not positive on this.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

If this is possible, or you want to try it, e-mail me
and I’ll send you the zip.