Help me if you can!

I have a Panasonic HDC-SD1 AVCHD Camcorder.My first camcorder .I think i got ahead of my self. Nice camcorder BUT it records in mpeg4 and i can’t convert it to a watchable format. Is there a way to do this ? I was told nero7 can do it. I have nero but can’t figure it out !Help me if you can. Thanks. :bow:

Do you have the full version? The last release of Nero Vision says it can do what you want.
Just read on their site but no personal experience.
Have a look there and see by yourself.
And probably whot “got ahead” is the video format not you, don’t blame yourself - you just picked the “state of the art” and editor had no time to catch up, it will be a matter of time.
Good movies

This might help you…


I believe that PHILIPS DVD Players play avi /mpeg on a CD and alot more!

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