Help me if you can



i have downloaded a divx movie and it has came down in one folder but in two files cd1 and cd2 ,i currently use nero vision to add these two files to one dvd disc but i feel it takes forever .
is there another program that is simple to use like nero vision that will do the job for me,in a quicker time ?

i use winavi for single files but i need something better than nero vision as sometimes i feel it puts the audio out of sync when converting the file .

i am new to this so any help would be gresat thanks .


i have posted this question in the newbie section as well as i wasnt sure where i should have posted it ,with me being a newbiw to all this .
i hope i dont upset anyone and sorry if i have .


The first post was in the correct forum, this one isn’t.


can you remove then thanks


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