Help me identify this drive, Superb 48x12x48 DM-828 (D4812RW)

I bought this drive locally at Fry’s, its a 48x12x48 with 8mb Buffer, nero see’s it at 40x max write, CDRwin 3.9C does not see it at all.

Its an OEM drive, but I have NO idea who makes it- The label says “optomedia”, so searching I found this , buts its just a front web site, and has a pdf brochure about the drive.

I’d like to know A) can it write at 48x (or faster), since all I can see is 40x. And B) where can I get firmware for it.

Nero’s shows an 8mb buffer… All the other 48x12x48 I’ve seen have 2mb buffer…? :confused:

Help please.

try putting a blank cd that’s capable of being written to at 48x into the drive when u check the speed in nero, and make sure u have cdrwin’s ASPI installed.

as for who made the drive, i have no idea.

The disc’s I have are supposed to be 48x capable ? But you know how that goes :confused: (damn generic media)

As for CDRwin, I installed CDRwins Aspi’s when I installed the newest 3.9c version - Is that what you’re asking?

OptoMedia Electronics Corp

That looks like a BTC, but I think that their 48x burner rewrote CD_RW disks at a maximum speed of 16x

What we need to know is how the drive is identified in software, and what firmware is currently on it…