Help me identify is 50 disc spindle of TDK DVD+R 8x are Yuden?

Here in Serbia is very hard to get Yuden DVD’s. However, I yesterday discover spindle of TDK for with stick that they imported from Japan. I didn’t want to buy whole spindle, so I find DVD-R version of TDK, pack of 10 with item code DVD-R47SCEC, also have stick that they are from Japan. When I put them in a drive they vere TTG02 which means TDK.
They are preety expencive, so I don’t want to make mistake.
My question is: is there any spindle code, or did it have “made in Japan” somewhere, or anything else that could help me to identify is this pack of 50 DVD+R’s are Yuden. The spindle looks like:

TDK branded Taiyo Yuden appropiate packaging is described below thanks to [B]Kg_evilboy[/B] for more info on identifying Branded TY click here

TDK (Japan)
8x -R = 50 pcs That’s Cakebox

8x -R = MIJ + That’s Cakebox
8x +R = MIJ + Standard Cakebox

TDK (Europe)
8x +R = Jewel Case (can also be MBI)
8x -R = 5 pcs Jewel Case (can also be other manufacturers)

16x +R = 25 pcs That’s Cakebox + White Octagonal Spacer under a White Round Spacer with clear shrinkwrap, or 50 pcs That’s Cakebox + Light-Blue Round Spacer with clear shrinkwrap

I must say that the spindle in the photo really looks like a “TY” spindle (Plextor, Verbatim Pastel)… but I don’t know if this info is enough to be sure nowadays…


TDK Europe does not indicate the country of origin on the packaging anymore :frowning:
I still have a 4x DVD+RW with “Made in Taiwan” on it, in the old design, but most old design packages of the Speed-X/8x DVD generation didn’t have a country of origin anymore.

The photo does not look like a TY cakebox at all. Judging at that photo, I think it could be MBI or TDK Luxembourg made. The Luxembourg-made cakeboxes have a five-letter code looking like BWAEB or something similar above the recycling sign on the base, usually have a gray spacer foam ring and a smaller “Lock/Open” writing than the MBI cakeboxes have.
Since the spacer is gray and not white, I think it is TDK Luxembourg made with TDK’s own code - very good media.

That’s is TY’s own media brand, and media packed directly at TY’s plant in Fukushima is packaged in a special cakebox form, which doesn’t look like the cakebox above, but more like this:

If you can find TDK 16x DVD+R media, currently there are some YUDEN000 T03s around, in 25 and 50 pcs That’s cakeboxes. Not all shops will have them, many still have old TDK-code 16x +R stock made by CMC.

That certainly doesn’t look like a TY cakebox (TDK).

Thanks guys, I stand corrected. :slight_smile:


I didn’t think that looked like a TY cakebox, either (the first TDK pics). :disagree:

FWIW, the MBI TDKs that I’ve used have been very good, too, and have lasted well.

Not all TYs are packed in Fukushima. Most Media for the Japanese market are but TY does some packaging outside of Japan. These Discs are mostly for Export to Europe, America and other Asian countries and also have the TY box.

OK, but this TDK cost 0.5 Eur per disc, and I can find Imation MBI for 0.32 Eur per disc…, even Verbatims are cheap comparing to this TDK (0.37 Eur per disc)
OK, so it seems it is not Yuden… maybe I’ll try to find something cheaper…
You think that I have to find something packed like this Verbatim Pastel CD’s which I can easly find here?

If it says they are “made in Japan” then they would be TY.

I can see from zivija first photo’s the plastic lid on the cake box is embossed with TDK(marking @8.00 o’clockof 12 hour clock) has this any relevance? Anyone :slight_smile:

zivija> Yes thats the TY box. Any media in this Box stating Made In Japan is Taiyo Yuden

The only thing I can see saying TDK at 8 o’clock would be where it says “TDK DVD+R” and “Data/Video” etc on the top disc?

Where exactly? China? Taiwan?
Do you also happen to know where gray-bottom cakeboxes, like the Verbatim TYG02, and the Fuji YUDEN000 T02, with TY discs, are packed?

Like the Fuji spindles(T02’s) for europe and these had also a grey bottom!

In (Eastern)Europe,look for Plextor media,100% Japanese.
You might find Japanese Verbatim 16x(-) on the market,but
the real ones are only those which has the "Made in Japan"
printed on the paper.If it is a sticker,then it’s probably a con-job.

There is no Japanese TTG02 AFAIK, I had good experience with these
bluetops though,but I don’t know where they were made.I do however
have a few TDK DVD+R 8x(jewel case,no ‘made in’) that are Japanese Taiyo
Yudens, the code on the disc spacer is different from the TTGs (I think GC…
in the usual TY font)


THat TDK logo freaked my eyes out, I thought it was embossed on the very top of the box.

Getting the glasses tomorrow LOL

Hahahaha no, it’s written on the discs themselves :bigsmile:


I haven’t come across any MIJ TDK with the label as shown in your first picture here in Europe. The “MIJ sticker” sounds a bit suspicious to me, also on the 10-pack. If the cakebox has a rounded upper edge, they are either TDK002 (grey spacer - MIL?) or MBIPG101R04 (white spacer - MII). With a straight (sharp) upper edge, it’s CMC MAG E01 (white spacer - MIT).

Thanx everyone for answers, I really don’t know what to do now :slight_smile:

I can’t find any other brands that could be TY, anyway, my first ever bought two DVD’s were TY :slight_smile: Verbatim DVD+R 4x Jewel, and TDK DVD-R 4x Jewel. I can’t find them anymore here, so I think it is best idea to stay with “proved for me” media codes (MBIPG101 R04 (great discs almost like TY, better than MCC), MCC…).

Ironically, I was able to find unbranded TDK 002 for very low price here (about 0.19 Eur per disc), and they were ok for my ex-burner BenQ DW1620… so the price of 0.50 Eur per disc now is little too much for TDK 002 for me…
Anyway, I can find everywhere “TY’s” as SKYpro, Platinet, Budget, and other fakes…