Help Me i want to convert from DVD to MP3 or WAV

Hello all :slight_smile:

Can someone tell me how/if it is possible to convert DVD to MP3
The situation is I have a concert on DVD that I would like to listen to on my mini-disc (Sony Net MD Walkman MZ-N505 Type-R link to Specifications incase you need to see them )
Normally I would just hook it up to my DVD player via the optical cable but the MD screen tells me it is copy write material :a
someone told me I could rip the DVD audio ts and use that but I don’t know how.

Can anyone out there help me please

Thanx in advance :bow:

You can use this progi dvd audio ripper

Try this one for free. I used it for the first time this weekend and it worked as advertised.


I like SuperMP3 Recorder. It will rip any sound source to MP3 format.

If it is a DVD-Audio disc you cannot rip it. The best you could do is feed the line-out of your DVD player into your soundcard’s line-in and make an analog copy.

If it is a DVD-Video disc that you want to rip a soundtrack of, there are various methods. Look at the very bottom of this forum’s first page and on the next for several relevant threads; or use the Search function to find them.

hi i dont understand this. so i can rip the movie with dvd decrypter.
thne use belight to make mp3 of the audio of the movie?
is there a guide that tells me how to do it?

You seperate out the AC3 audio track with Decrypter, and than convert it using… well, anything that can do AC3 to MP3
A frontend for besweet… besweet GUI is another.

GX:Transcoder is another possibility, though an additional plugin or installed Directshow filter may be needed for AC3

how do i separate the ac3 audio track with decrypter - i know i can cop the dvd with dvd decrypter to hard drive and it shows ac3 audio track but how do i separate that ac3 ? do i copy that ac3 and move it to a different folder? is that possible?
then do i use belight or besweet? how do i use them?

how do i separate the ac3 audio track with decrypter - i know i can copy the dvd with dvd decrypter to hard drive but how do i separate that ac3 ?
i don’t see ac3 audio track in decrypter but only when i open the dvd movie (copied by dvd decrypter onto hard drive) in in dvd shrink. how do i copy that ac3 and move it to a different folder? is that possible?
then do i use belight or besweet? how do i use them?

Couldn’t find the one I remembered, but that mentions it … IFO mode, stream processing, DEMUX - that way you can split the elementary streams out, as many or as few as you want.

what is all this? I am looking for dvd shrink to separate only the audio - ac3 of the movie and then using belight to make mp3 out of it. but you have put something totally diffferent?

You want to use DVDDecrypter. Follow directions at this link

what do i do after that to make an mp3 audio only?
i tried to use besweet and belight and they are piece of crap. belight says need besweet in same folder and after doing that says vob dll is misssing and after putting vobdll it says nothing. it don’t work. been running in circles for hours now.
Another guide - but still not the one I was looking for - there was a really easy, well written guide, can I find the perishing thing again though…
And another - uses a different rip program

Going crazy trying to find the one I was aimimg for! - I’ll know it when I see it!

I think you may have dismissed BeSweet/BeLight too quickly. I have done what you want to do many times and those two programs together have always worked perfectly the first time.

I’d double check the way you’re installing them and try again. They do what you want to do.

I tried and its not working. can you tell me steps to make besweet/belight work together and how to convert dvd movie audio to mp3?
i ripped vobs with decrypter in ifo mode and tried to use that in belught to make mp3’s and it don’t work.
i can’t find any guide about belight/besweet that helps me do that either.

yeah as posted above dvds are encoded with teh audio and video and you can grab the audion into an ac3 file which is easilly changed to mp3 or wav or the likes been doin it for teh last few years was my first solution to the audio delay scenario adding a blank 2ms file into it to correct lip sync.


You can convert dvd to avi then use Video Mp3 Extractor PRO, which extract mp3 from avi, asf, wmv. Try it. It’s really good software.

Use this guide. Its very easy to follow and proven. I used it the other day and it worked like a charm.