Help me i need to buy a pc

Hi mates
i need some advises
i need VERY good Motherboard(maybe asus) & CPU and very fast graphic card

can u help me?

Take a look here at the midrange and entry level buyers guides.

It really depends on how much you want to spend, and whether you want 64 bits. Anandtech usually has very good information! There are many other hardware review sites also…

@ mantra
What are you going to use the computer for and what kind of CPU are you going to use?


If you haven’t used it - I think that Toms Hardware is a great resource for info -


money are no a problem!
i want a GREAT PC !, I want a very fast cpu ,maybe 64fx and the best motherboad
please give me some adivses , i would like to play games, and work

If I were you I would hang around a bit longer for VIA’s new chipset K8T890 which supports PCIe (PCI-Express). Abit has already released a motherboard based on this chipset so hopefully it’ll be in stock at most retailers although I would wait for a review or two, especially if you want a new chipset like VIA’s for nVidias nForce4 unless you want to be a guinea pig.

Yeh, definitely wait for PCI-express to become established, and couple that with an athlon 64 and your system will fly.

hi mates
I trust about asus motherboard

about the graphik card , i’m not sure about ati or Gforce ?
what’s the best?

When do you want to buy the PC?

If you have time, wait a few weeks and buy a ASUS motherboard with SLI functionality, 2 Geforce 6800 Ultra’s and an AMD 64 FX55.

Then you have a GREAT PC! :iagree:

So Money is no problem EHH

AMD 64 FX55
i know the amd have a problem that they get hot quickly

The FX series are just waste of money, go with a A64 instead unless you have a very good reason.