HELP ME... I Can't locate my second hard drive


My computer completely crashed and I had to reinstall XP Windows Pro. Thankfully all my files on the C Drive was backed up in re-instalation mode. However, I had to drives… C and F Drive.

I can’t find my F Drive on my computer. I tried locating it and looking at hours of google forums, I read something about Raid and Bios setting. Am a bit confused what to do.

All my work that is not backed up, is in the F Drive. Am scared if I format or try locating it, it’ll erase my files. On the blue Raid screen, it clearly shows I have two drives but I don’t know what to do in order to get my second drive back on the system.

This computer was build by my brother and its had its fair share of crashing. He has now refused to check or fix it. I have no idea what to do. I managed to fix the first part but am totally out of depth when it comes to Rios setting.

Please, please can someone explain to me in basic form how I can locate my drive without reformatting or losing any of the data on there? It’s a 300GB drive and I’ve used about 290GB so yep everything important to me is on there!

Please help me!!!

Are you sure you have two HDD? Can you provide more info as to your hardware setups and cablings? It is unclear from the reading if it is a partition HDD or two separate HDD? And how did you get a F drive if there is only two HDD on your system? Wouldn’t it be resonable that it would be named D drive instead of F drive??

I have two DVD/CD Drives, a normal C and D drive. The F drive was an extra drive installed. When I go to boot menu, it shows both the drives.

But only the first drive shows up on my computer as the C drive and the other drive which does show on Raid setting doesn’t. I pressed R for raid and it goes do I want to split drive.

Am at work so will have to look at what the screen says for sure and will get back to you. Thank you for trying to help, its very much appreciated.


Here’s a screenshot of my Raid Setup.

My first Disk 1 is my C drive. Disk 2 is my F drive which has all my files and documents. When the computer loads up, it doesn’t show the F drive. I checked disk management and it still shows one.

Does anyone know what I do here in order to gain my second drive and without losing my work.

Please, any help will be grateful. I am so desperate and terrified to lose my files.


I posted a tread a while back but didn’t receive any help- partly due to me not explaining myself very well.

I have XP Pro and my computer recently died on me. I managed to boot the computer from the iCD rom and re-install XP.

My computer works fine and XP backed up all my old files. Now the problem I have is I can’t find my second drive on my computer. I looked under Disk management and it doesn’t show up.

Please can have a look at the screenshot I have taken of the Raid Setup.

I am guessing Disk 1 is my C drive where XP is installed. Disk 2 is meant to be my F drive. This drive has all my important files and I can’t lose them. I have no other backup and I am so scared to lose anything.

Before computer crashed, my F drive worked fine. But since the re-install, I don’t know how to get the computer to understand there’s a second drive.

Does anyone know what I do here in order to gain my second drive and without losing my work?

Please, any help will be grateful. I am so desperate and terrified to lose my files.

Do not make separate threads on the same subject. Clogs up the forums, makes it difficult to know where to post and most importantly is against forum rules. I’ve merged the two threads into one.

I tried deleting the previous one but didn’t know how to. Sorry!

I fixed my problem… it was all because I had missing drivers in my Device Manager that caused the computer not to register my second drive.