Help me! I am totally fed up with DVD to Soundtrack!

Hi all,

I am 28 male, attached to a lovely vietnamese girl. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me cut the crap and go straight to the point. :wink:

I have successfully captured the WAV file from the DVD.

But how do I separated the dialogue in the movie with the Soundtrack (Orchestral version played in the background)?

I have used some WAV editor software like Audiocity but they do not allow me to SEPARATE both the dialog and the background soundtrack.

Please advise me,

Many thanks in much much advance

Unless the DVD has an isolated music track you can’t. DVDs audio are same as CD they are mixed down and even with 5 tracks (DTS) none isolate the music…it can’t be done unless your DVD supports it like “Rudy” NTSC USA ver. in that case using DVD Audio Extractor you simply select the music score track…most DVDs do NOT have this, you cannot take diaolog out or any of that it’s already mixed & mastered…a lot of ppl do not seem to understand this.

You should buy the soundtrack (songs) or the score (music)…your way cannot be done.