Help me getthings fixed

I recently purchased Blaze DVD copy 4.0 online and the program has error upon starting program it wont work and closes down, with no solution to the problem did i just waste 60.00 bucks or is there a solution to my problem ?

Sorry, never heard of the program.

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled?
What does the error say?
Can you get your money back?

I’m sure we could find alot of excellent freeware to meet your needs.

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upon starting program a microsoft windows box pops up that reads. has stopped working a problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. and then it closes with no solution . i try to email but my email is unable to be sent as i have my email settings wrong and cant email them . as i’m on dialup that is a pain too. I really appreciate all the help i can get Thank you so much. 69stinger66stange :bow:

What does this program do that made you purchase it vs. some of the other offerings? What type of work do you plan on doing with it?

a friend told me about it. i would like to rip and burn movies for my personal movie library . i really feel like an idiot for not researching it first, are there better programs that i should look into getting ? thank you for your help.

For ripping DVDFab HD Decrypter
For compressing DVD Shrink
For burning Imgburn

All for free.

There are tons of guides available for using these programs, if you need help just ask. In the mean time, I’d try to get a refund on the program your buddy suggested.

Never heard of Blaze dvd copy 4.0 and it cost you 60 bucks:eek:. Get yourself a refund and then try the freeware that LOCOENG mentioned. But if I were you I would buy dvdfab platinum and it is an all in one dvd back up program. It even gives you a 30 day free trial and costs 50 bucks to purchase:bigsmile:but only before May 8th as the prices will be going up then.

For ripping DVDFab HD Decrypter
For compressing DVD Shrink
For burning Imgburn

this is as good as it gets. :iagree: there are lots of options and every one has their own favorites. if looking to buy another all-in-one program dvdfab is the way to go. with many liking the slysoft products.


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For your problem have you tried their tech support ?, or looked at their questions and answers for the product ? as I doubt if anyone can help you unless they have that program also, just my thought on the post

I also have never heard of that program before. But, you’ve gotten solid advice from the crew here.

There’s a link in my sig that contains guides for the above mentioned programs.

Those guides and programs should set you straight.

69stinger66stange;I would definately get a refund if possible.If you end up stuck with this program then Uninstall it reboot & reinstall it.A lot of the time this fixes a corrupt file.
Also the download on dial-up may have timed out & you didn’t get all the files.So if you plan to keep the program or have no choice because blaze won’t give you a refund.Then their support needs to help you till you get it working.
The freeware listed in previous posts will do a good job.I don’t have DVDFab platinium but I’ve heard it’s good .
I use CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD.

I would definately get a refund if possible

Completely agree. You should at least try to get them to refund you the dough. Good luck.

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