HELP ME! from Brazil



How I make to recoup my LG 8080B?

It had a bad update.

Helps me!


Carefully remove the bios chip and flash it with a compatible eeprom programmer.

If it isn’t recognised by your computer system , that’s the only option.


Not no possibility with the MTKFLASH? :confused:


mtkflash is for writers with mediatek chipset only.

And I think the first mediatek CD-RW chip was for 12X writing. So if the drive is slower than that…mtkflash do not work.

And if I’m right LG started using mediatek chips in some of their 16X writers(not all!!) and the newer writers only.


Is possible this my idea?

It would need an equal recorder to whom if it wants to recoup, or either:
1 - It connects the good recorder and it gives boot for the floppy. 2 - With the original rom of the recording wheel the flash.
3 - At the moment that to ask for the confirmation of update,
detaches drive and connects drive bad.
4 - It confirms and it sees what it happens.

I had this idea therefore already I obtained to recoup bios of a PChips 748MLRT taking off the bios good and placing bad still with the computer “online”(bad inglesh). (mas attention in the case bios the removal has to be with not conductive material)


This “hot plug” method you’re describing could indeed work perfectly. Usually the eprom wil be read once and put in the ram workspace of the device.

BUT … when the eprom is under a constant voltage current or has special lines and paths that need either grounding or constant voltage you could damage the writer permanently.

If it’s possible , get some ic holders and place those on the place where the eprom was , then you can experiment easily with this.


Then it has this possibility!