Help me for my 851s please

I patch my liteon 451s with the GS08 and after with the GS0C without modify the eeprom and I have very bad results using kprobe
I test the write strategy @4x with pi/po @ 8 and I get

3233670 pi with a max @ 442 and am average @ 225
3236 po with a max @ 6 and an average @ 0.225

When I look at the burned face of the dvd (mitsubishi) I see that the first inch on the center of the disk is dark
and after the disk become more clear

could it be a bad power calibration of the eeprom (i have the same error with every firmware and different mark of cds)

I remark also that the cd is burned without error for the dark part

Please help tell me if my eeprom is crazy or my liteon have a bad power calibration

i have not the same problems with -r medias

I put the capures of kprbobe at