Help me Flash Please! (OEM SOHW-1633S)



I currently have a drive I got from Omax on a Thanksgiving sale last year. I beleive it is a DigitalMax DRW-3S163. I have flashed the firmware previously to BS41 from codeguys site. I wasn’t sure of if there was something newer to flash it to but I did hear that there is. Can someone please point me into the right direction of which newer firmware I need to be running from codeguys site?

P.S From Device Manager it list my drive as



Probably CS0P or BYX4. If you use CS0P, you will need to use a patched firmware; patching is not needed for BYX4.

More info can be found here:


really?I was just about to pull the trigger on 1633s.BS0S.stock.exe
I’m afraid I’m going to flash it badly. When you say probably it sounds iffy too :slight_smile: .
Any guarantees I’ll have a successful flash if you point me to a real positive one? :stuck_out_tongue: