Help me find this movie

I’m trying to find the name of a movie I probably saw 40 years ago on TV. I think it was French. Story takes place during WWII. French soldiers, prisoners of war, are sent to work on a German farm. One soldier takes advantage of the families daughter to escape. I believe she is then taken away by the authorities. Another prisoner returns home after the war to his wife and job in a bakery (I believe). He hates it there so much that at the end of the movie his leaves to return to this German farm. Anyway, that’s about all I remember, came on the late show a few times. I assume it was in black and white, probably made in the 50’s. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Harry B.

how about from 1960 “Passage de Rhin, Le”

… and the sad part is Blockbuster, Netflix, or Intelliflix do not have it :sad:

Yes this is the movie your looking for.

Passage du Rhin, Le - 1960 Otherwise known as

Tomorrow Is My Turn - 1962

:cool: :cool:

thanks for all the help. does anyone know where i could download it or get the dvd

Passage du Rhin, Le - 1960

Tomorrow Is My Turn - 1962

Can’t find the english version.

Sorry Harry,

No luck on that title (Tomorrow Is My Turn) with Blockbuster, Netflix, or Intelliflix either.
It sounded like one that I would have liked, too.
(I like old movies)

I found 1 link for it. We hit enter at the same time I guess. :smiley:

Let’s just stick to where you can buy it, shall we ;).