Help me find the perfect drive :)

Hi CDFreak members :slight_smile: My wage will be coming through at the end of the month and I think I’m going to be treating myself to a shiny new DVD Drive. Budget is not really a limit unless it’s silly money (£100+). Ideal specs:

  1. SATA interface
  2. Black in colour
  3. Very reliable and fast
  4. Burn most media (DVD±R, CDRW,CDR,DVD-Ram,DVD-R, Dual layer)
  5. Brand doesn’t matter, whichever is best :slight_smile:
    I’ll also be buying some new DVD/CD media. What shall I look out for? Someones recommended me Taiyo Yuden? Anything specific I need to check for? Thanks for any help :bow:

DVD Drive with SATA interface is still not that popular at the moment and it’s not as stable and reliable as IDE. You might need to reconsider which one to go first.

In what way are they not reliable? I would deffinelty prefer to go SATA as the cables are much nicer and it’s faster but I suppose I could get one of the thing IDE Cables. Will the specs of my PC help?
AMD 3800+ Skt 939
2Gb Dual-Channel Ram
200Gb SATA Segate
80Gb SATA Samsung
Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS
Gigabyte DVD Dual GO-W1616b (Is this drive any good?)
If there’s a really good DVD Drive for IDE I will consider it :slight_smile:

Not all SATA supports optical drives correctly. It depends on the chipset. You may want to read this thread:

I’ll stick with IDE then, I’ll just use a rounded IDE Cable. Whats the fastest and most reliable drive out atm? I need it to be able to scan the disc quality etc.

If you have read around you should know by now why not to get the SATA if you want the best drive. SATA is definitely faster and it’s the way to go in the future but not now.