Help me find a good dvd burner

Hello guys,

I have NEC AD-7240S dvd burner.

My problem is i cant burn good double layers dvd’s. I made a lot of test dvd’s. Half way (first 4gigs is good) and the other 4 gigs is awfull. I think the laser is weak and cant burn the second layer.

This is why i would like to buy a better dvd burner to make good dl dvd’s.

Any tip?

Have you been using Verbatim brand +R DL discs? They are the only widely available double layer discs worth buying.

I used Philips DVD+R DL discs.

Could be these discs mistake? Not the laser of the burner or the “poor” quality of the burner?

Could be these discs mistake? Not the laser of the burner or the “poor” quality of the burner?


Switch to Verbatim brand +R DL discs. Make certain that they have the designation AZO on the label of the cakebox. This indicates the type of dye used in the discs and the AZO Verbatim are the ones to get, [B]NOT[/B] the “Life Series” variety of Verbatim.

Verbatim +R DL come in two varieties, the 2.4x-6x, and the slightly higher speed version that is rated at 8x. Either should be fine in your 7240s.

Thanks for answer. :slight_smile:

But i got an another queston avout normal dvd’s

Should i switch to Verbatim DVD+R discs with AZO sign to get better result with this drive?
Now i use TDK DVD + R x16

We generally recommend Verbatim brand (AZO) and Taiyo Yuden for single layer dvds. +R or -R isn’t all that important, but I’ve had the very best results from my 7240s using Taiyo Yuden 8x +R discs.

I’m not sure where you are located, but TY discs can be found online at many shops, like, and even They are also sold under the brands JVC and That’s.

For everyday use, I normally burn Verbatim brand 16x discs and save my TY for more important, archival usage.

I see. In my place not easy to get TY discs. As i saw the best dvds are those verbatim discs with AZO sign.

One more thing, do you recommend me update the firmware version or isnt that important to get better result? Now it has 1.03. The new version is 1.04 as i find on the website.

And one more, which programs to burn double layers dvds and which program for normal dvds?

Is Ahead Nero 11 Suit usable program?

Yes, you should update firmware.

ImgBurn is the best program for burning double layer dvds, as it sets the layer break position correctly. It is free to download and use:

I use ImgBurn for virtually all my burning tasks. Nero might as well not exist for most of us here at Myce. The only thing ImgBurn won’t do is multisession burns on dvd media. But we don’t recommend that anyway.

Does ImgBurn support on the fly copying?

[QUOTE=infini;2677388]Does ImgBurn support on the fly copying?[/QUOTE]

Yes, I believe it does. But that is not something I do, so I can’t advise you on it.

Thanks for answer. :slight_smile:

Is it hard to update firmware and easy to fail the burner?

Anyway, what burning speed do you recommend for those DVD+R DL and normal dvd+Rs?

Updating firmware for the 7240s is not difficult, though there is always some risk when updating firmware. Unless you have a power outage while performing the flash, you should be ok.

I always burned DL discs at 4x. With single layer Verbatim, I usually burn at 8x or possibly 12x depending on the drive I’m using.

The 7240s was a good drive, but not an outstanding one in terms of writing quality. Most people around here with experience using this drive say it is not as good as the previous drives in this series, the Optiarc 7200s or 7201s. I found that the 7240s does not write particularly well to mediocre discs, like some Ritek F1 mid code discs. So I used TY and Verbatim in it, and kept the burning speed down to 8x on single layer discs.